Groovy Blueberry Internship Blog #5

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our final Groovy Blueberry Internship Blog! Recently, our interns attended the New Paltz Regatta. It was great to see the town get together and keep the festivities going another year. All boating participants did a fantastic job designing and racing their boats.

Although it did rain, we still tried to make the best of it. Our interns were out on Blueberry Fields preparing arts and crafts for children and interviewing people for our #GroovyHumansofNewPaltz. First, let's take a look at some of our interns showing off their creativity, as well as Mr. Blueberry and his bandmate rockin' out in front of our Water St location: 

Our #GroovyHumansofNewPaltz photoshoot was a success! We would like to thank all who allowed us to interview and photograph them next to our big, purple peace sign. It was great getting to know the great people who live in New Paltz, as well as those who were just passing through. Here are just some of the #GroovyHumansofNewPaltz: 


Now that the semester has finished, it is time for the internship to come to a close as well. Mrs. Blueberry is so thankful for the six interns who participated this semester. They all have done so much for the business, such as taking photographs, creating and listing advertisements, taking part in local community events, helping out down at the store, which included moving merchandise and reorganizing, and being a part of the local community. It is because of these six individuals that Mrs. Blueberry has decided to keep the internship going next semester. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Groovy Intern? Let us know! Apply today by sending your resume and a short description of yourself to Mrs. Blueberry’s email- Decisions on who will be chosen will take place in the beginning of the Fall 2017 semester.


Now that the internship is complete, what’s in store for our interns? Let’s find out where their future is headed and what they have gained from their experiences:  


MIKE- I am graduating college this semester! I will be moving back home to the boroughs, where I hope to find a career with my Public Relations degree. This internship gave me great experience working on a company’s social media. It was also great being part of a team. I met some cool people! I wish the best for everyone and will be visiting in the summer.

ALICIA- I will be going into my senior year of college. My favorite part of the internship was taking pictures, which is a hobby of mine. My future plans are to work in a marketing department for a huge business after I graduate next year!

SAM- I will be going into my sophomore year of college. I have finally declared my major in Digital Media Production! The greatest part of this internship was learning about the pride and care local small businesses have for their community.

AMY- I will be going into my sophomore year of college. My favorite part of the internship was the Regatta; a fun, new experience for me. I plan on continuing my education and volunteering. I would like to do social media marketing in the future.

JOE- I will be going into my Junior year of college. My favorite part was getting hands on experience working at a clothing company, since I want to open one up myself. My future plans are to continue working on my brand, RCE Clothing Co.

KAYLIN- I will be going into my senior year of college. My favorite experience was learning how small businesses are ran. My future plans are to own a small business myself or go into green marketing. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this blog. For more information, please visit our Water St. location and check out all our cool groovy merchandise. Also, please follow us on Instagram (@thegroovyblueberry) and like us on Facebook at Hope everyone has a wonderful summer, and remember to STAY GROOVY! 



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