Groovy Blueberry Internship Blog #4

Hello all,

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather lately! Winter has finally come and gone and the interns have been enjoying the sun. Recently, our interns gathered for our final group meeting. Instead of brainstorming new ideas, we decided to just have fun this time. Mr and Mrs. Blueberry cooked some delicious food on the grill. We all ate, talked, played some football, and had a photoshoot! Everyone wore their Groovy Blueberry original tie-dye t-shirt to show off their colorful personalities. It was a great time. Oh, and the photos came out great too! Check them out here:



Intern Amy did her own photoshoot as well on her own time. She has been keeping busy photographing products and modeling clothes. She has been an immense help with our social media! Here are some pictures from recent photoshoots she did with her and her “model” friends. She did three of them to be exact, and they are all amazing. Some of these photos have been featured on our Instagram:


Not only did Intern Amy take pictures, but she also designed new patches for our spring collection! These patches have come to life and are being sold in store now. Isn’t it amazing when your creativity comes to life? Thanks Amy!


Lastly, Amy also created a video advertisement. The ad has been featured on our Instagram and truly shows off her hard work and dedication. You rock, Amy!


On May 7th, our interns will be taking part in the annual New Paltz Regatta. No, they will not be racing in it, but can be found on our Blueberry Fields. Some interns will be doing arts and crafts projects with the children, while others will be taking photos of the unique natives of New Paltz to be featured in our #GroovyHumansofNewPaltz campaign. So, if you feel you’re groovy enough, and would like to be featured on our social media, as well as this blog, come on down to The Groovy Blueberry during the race. We will be giving out free handouts for those who agree to participate. Thanks for reading!


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