Groovy Blueberry Internship Blog #3

April 18, 2017

Hello, everyone! Spring has sprung and our interns have been out and about enjoying this beautiful weather while working hard at their internship. We have some new announcements for you all on some of the things happening this season, both in New Paltz and down at the store!

First, we would like to announce our new social media campaign called #GroovyHumansofNewPaltz

Would you like to be featured on our social networks? All you have to do is come down to our Water Street location and buy something on Saturday’s. You and your new groovy product can be featured on our Instagram page!

Groovy Interns Mike and Sam went on to SUNY New Paltz campus this week to ask some students if they'd like to participate and the responses were generally positive. People enjoyed posing and showing off their groovy styles. Check out some of these students who make this campus groovy!


Our Groovy Blueberry photo contest has officially ended, and we have a winner! Congrats to @kellyburns_1979 for her submission of her adorable son rockin’ his guitar tie-dye t-shirt from the Groovy Blueberry! It was a tough decision only choosing one winner since all the submissions were fantastic. Thanks to everyone who sent in a submission. Another contest will be happening in the near future.


It’s almost that time of the year for the New Paltz Boat Regatta 2017. The race dates back to 1955 and has become a town tradition. Come check out the dozens of boats that will float down the Wallkill River, starting at the New Paltz Boat Launch on Plains Rd to the finish line at Rt. 299 Bridge. The race will be on May 7, 2017. Groovy Blueberry will be having an arts and crafts table, as well as a face painting & visiting Artists. Our interns will also be promoting #GroovyHumansofNewPaltz during the event. Here is a chance to be featured on our social networks!

For more information, please visit

All of our interns had a fantastic Spring Break and returned to New Paltz refreshed and ready to go. Now that Spring is here, that means the store has brand new arrivals for the season! Mrs. Blueberry asked if the interns could come down and help her out, and they all were more than happy to. They even learned some new information along the way. Some topics of conversation included:

-The differences between imported versus U.S. made clothing.

-Best ways to hang and merchandise clothing. Interns got a taste for what work goes into a shipment arrival, and how tedious preparing the racks and tables can be. Lots of work, but rewarding, nonetheless.

-Interns even learned about New Paltz’s municipal water supply. Did you know that our town buys water from the state transported from the Ashoken Reservoir? We then treat it at our own treatment plant, and than the Village sells it to their users (University, Town & Village). If a building is not hooked up to the water supply, they get their water from a well. Pretty interesting stuff!

While they were there, our interns Sam and Amy decided to get creative, and spelt out the store name with our new shipments! Check out the creativity on these two!

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @thegroovyblueberry as well as on Facebook. Also, check out our new #SpringArrivals in store or online right on our website! Have a groovy day!
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