The Groovy Blueberry Blog

The Groovy Blueberry Blog

        HELLO! Welcome to the Groovy Blueberry’s first blog post! Here is where you can read all about the new and exciting projects our company is doing! Groovy Blueberry is more than just a small business fashion boutique. It has become a landmark of New Paltz. No other store sticks out more than the one located on Water and Main St covered in peace signs and butterflies.

The store certainly lives up to its name as “groovy.’ Inside, an abundance of clothing, jewelry, and accessories can be found. The inspiration for the designs come from the seventies era filled with tie-dye’s and vibrant colors. On the outside, the exuberant purple peace sign stands tall near the store, sending good vibes to all who pass by.

The owner, Ms. Blueberry, is an avid member of the community. She enjoys volunteering, working with all different types of people in the neighborhood, and advocating for those who need an extra voice. Currently, Ms. Blueberry has just begun an internship program for local SUNY New Paltz students! Six lucky individuals are being given the opportunity to work hands on with the Groovy Blueberry to practice work in their major. All interns have been working hard learning how to advertise for a company and manage their social networks. Each intern is unique in their own way and chose to take part in this project for various reasons. Get to know all of them:


Mike, 22, Senior, Communications: Public Relations Major-- Hi! Mike here. I am working on Instagram, advertising, and am the writer of this blog! I chose to do this internship not only because my major requires me to be a Public Relations coordinator for a company, but am also looking to gain hands on experience before graduating in May. I enjoy writing and am excited to be given the opportunity to practice my hobby while also helping Ms. Blueberry.



      Alicia, 20, Junior, Marketing and International Business Major-- Alicia is working on Instagram, Etsy, and Pinterest. She also has been taking tons of photos for the company and does photography as a hobby! She is excited to be getting marketing experience while also working on her photography skills. Here are some photos she taken thus far that will appear on our social networks: 





      Sam, 18, Freshman, Liberal Arts Major-- Sam is working on Instagram, Shopify, Facebook, and the website. He thought this opportunity would be an amazing experience that he wouldn’t be able to find at any other internship. “I love promoting something i’m passionate about and I believe the Groovy Blueberry is the flagship of New Paltz.”   


      Amy, 18, Freshman, Graphic Design Major-- Amy is working on Instagram, Pinterest, eBay for Kids, and some design work. She thought it would be a good opportunity to learn about what it’s like to manage a business. She also loves fashion and will be creating some future designs along Ms. Blueberry. This will give her the practice she needs and she’ll also be having fun while doing it!



Joe, 19, Sophomore, Finance Major-- Joe is working on Instagram, eBay for Adults, and Pinterest. He chose this internship because he hopes to open up his own clothing company one day, and what better experience than to work and market for one? He has already designed some clothing for his brand, RCE Clothing Co. and is excited to be working towards his goals.  



Kaylin, 20, Junior, Marketing Major-- Kaylin has been working on Instagram, Etsy, Pinterest, and Twitter. She chose this internship because it will give her the marketing experience needed to help her in her chosen field. Kaylin is already a big fan of Groovy Blueberry’s clothing, so she would be marketing for a company she’s genuinely interested in!

Together, this group of young individuals will be titled the “Blueberry Interns.” Ms. Blueberry has been preparing them to get started. On March 6th, everyone gathered together to brainstorm all the new ideas to help Groovy Blueberry reach its full potential. All the interns really showed their creativity through their suggestions.  

Great ideas were thrown around, including future contests! Stay tuned for the next one coming up sometime this month. Select individuals who take a picture in GB merch and tag @thegroovyblueberry on Instagram will be able to potentially receive a TIE-DYE T SHIRT! 

Another idea is #HumansofTheGroovyBlueberry. All customers will be given the opportunity to be featured on our social networks to help represent the groovy citizens of New Paltz. All you have to do is just come shop at our Water St location.  

At our first meeting, we were lucky enough to have Marty Reisinger, the owner of Democracy Coffee speak to us about his business. DC Coffee currently has locations in New Paltz, High Falls, Rosendale, and Woodstock. It was great to hear how his business started up, how it’s distributed, and what it stands for. Oh, and the free delicious coffee was also a plus!

The Groovy Interns are excited to be making these projects come to life this Spring semester. The internship will continue on until May, so please stay tuned for weekly blogs on what will be going on during this season. Also, please follow us on our social networks for updates on merchandise and additional info! Stay groovy.













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